The 70 Best Gifts for Dogs, Dog Owners, and Dog Lovers In 2021

You're not a regular dog mom, you're a cool dog mom.

Gifts for Dogs, Dog Owners, and Dog Lovers
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2020 and 2021 were bad years for just about everyone, but not for your dog. These past 18 months, you've been home more than ever before, you're always down for a snuggle, and you insist on going on walks a zillion times a day just to have something to do. When the world gets crazy, the unconditional support and love you get from your doggy BFF is sometimes the only thing that keeps you going—and he or she deserves something special in return, or for something special to be created in his or her honor. Maybe it's a Christmas gift for your dog, maybe it's the anniversary of the day you got them, maybe it's just a random Tuesday—whatever the occasion, they deserves the best. My own dog and I have taken the time to test-drive almost all of the toys and other products on this list (yes, my job is very hard; yes, my dog is very spoiled), and so, please allow us to present: The ultimate gift guide for dogs that dogs will love and dog owners and dog lovers alike will sob over, from genius treats and toys to personalized sweaters and artwork. Bonus: Every one is great for Instagram.